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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your site’s positioning within search engines for your chosen keywords and key phrases. There are various factors that impact how well your site will rank for your targeted words/phrases, and here is the basic of how it works.

Search Engines all have their own ranking algorithms, which are a sets of different rules that decide how to rank sites for search queries. These algorithms are not released to the public, however by testing and analysing behaviour of the search engines it gives you a good idea what works. The goal is to give the searchers the most relevant query result.

At times a user will scan for a brand term like “Toyota” and you would expect the Toyota main website www.toyota.co.uk to appear at the top (and it does).

However what happens when somebody search for “car”, Google or other search engines then has to crawl the web to figure out which car dealer site it the most relevant based on the content the website provides. You might think that Google’s search result will show Toyota, Nissan, Volvo or other brand names, however the current search is www.carmagazine.co.uk who positions number one. This is because the search engines web crawlers are looking for fairly simple things to determine what a website is all about. Without going into too much detail, Car Magazine most likely use the word “car” more than any of the car brands and have a larger number of links pointing back to their website using the word “car”.
This was just a basic explanation to what SEO is – there is a lot more to it. But the thing to focus on is your content on your website. Are you using the correct words, are you using them in the right places? First step is analysing if you have even chosen the right keywords, because you can waste a lot of time optimising your website for a given keyword, and if it doesn’t generate any traffic to your website you are just wasting your time.

If you need help finding the right keywords, analysing your competitors ranking compared to your or optimising your content please get in touch.

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Posted on 17th September 2014 in SEO

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